Teacher Training

Training teachers for industry

After several decades of decline of technical education in its high schools, Israel is now experiencing a welcome renewal of this type of education. However, the field now lacks talented teachers, both for classroom teaching and especially for  hands-on training.

Responding to this need, the Zur network has developed a training program for technical teachers. Its teachers will find positions within its own network of schools, as well as in other institutions.

The program is coordinated with the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany and is recognized by Israel’s  Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. The independent institution that tests candidates for degrees and confers those degrees -- known as “the Kammer” in Baden-Wuerttemberg -- oversees the final testing and awards those who complete the course successfully with the Meister (master craftsman) degree. . 

Skilled vocational workers with an interest in education and with  the appropriate skills are recruited to the program. In the course, participants are retrained from the role of a professional in industry to the role of teacher and professional instructor. The program includes theoretical and applied courses,  educational theory, practical experience in schools of the Zur network, and an off-site education program in Germany.

The training program is one and a half years long. The first half is 5 days a week with a partial scholarship; in the second half, the students study and work part time in the schools to fulfill their fieldwork requirements.

Requirements for candidates

Minimum of 3 years of metalworking experience

An interest in education & interpersonal skills needed for good teaching