Pre-Army Mechina


Zur Shalem Mechina  

Training course in conjunction with the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

Zur Shalem Mechina – is situated in a dormitory in Lavon in the Galilee and offers a ten-month preparatory course for combat service

The course includes fitness training, hikes, trips, social events, and a values-oriented study program that emphasizes love of the State of Israel and technical training.

Military service - enlistment in a combat unit. Military service combines the combat track with post-army technical training. The Zur Shalem Mechina accompanies the soldiers after they complete their military service in finding work and salary commensurate with their combat experiences and professional capabilities.

What does the Zur Shalem Mechina offer?

The dormitories and the educational and social programs are free of charge. The students/soldiers participate in a special training course that is present and future oriented – which assists them in acquiring the necessary set of tools and skills for life.

What are our expectations of the participants?

Our expectations include: motivation to work hard in completing the assignments, willingness to train for physical fitness, and the desire to get to know and love the country through their feet.

What technical professions are acquired in the course?

The Mechina period is the time for "exploring" professionally. The training period is one day per week; the curriculum is open to change. The course's emphasis will be clearly set by mid-military service. Technical areas will be chosen after advising with the military authorities and with the students/participants. Decisions will be determined by the participants' abilities and aspirations, the different opportunities available and those technical professions most needed on the market.


For additional details see the Zur Shalem Mechina's website