Iscar - Training Center

Teaching and Training Center for ISCAR Group Factories

The ISCAR Group is the flagship of industry in Israel and is the second largest producer of precision cutting tools in the world. Since 2000, ISCAR’s Teaching and Training Center has been located at Zur Lavon. The Center is responsible for building career tracks for personal, professional, and administrative development in the ISCAR Group.

The Training Center focuses on two main areas: 

A. Vocational training for ISCAR candidates

The Center offers vocational training courses for local residents who are interested in working at ISCAR. These courses include:

  • Courses for operators of CNC machines
  • Courses for computerized presses  (CNC)

Graduates of the course are integrated into one of the Group's factories.

B. ISCAR employees

The Training Center develops the abilities and skills of ISCAR employees, according to their experience in the company:

Beginning workers- after the training course, the Zur Lavon staff oversees the process by which workers are integrated, with vocational training and mentoring, into the factories and different departments.

Senior workers receive advanced  services in trainingand development:

  • Courses and training to fit the factory's needs
  • Administrative courses for managers