High School Network

Zur Network of High Schools

Industrialist Stef Wertheimer, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, founded this network of vocational high schools.


We at the Zur network believe that every Israeli student has the right to a future-building education. We work hard to advance vocational education in the Galilee and in the Negev, to create more jobs, and productivity in industry.

Our work is based on the belief that creating workplaces in export-oriented industry and strengthening cooperation between the various sectors of  Israeli society will contribute to the country’s stability by enhancing  social, economic, and political strength.

About Zur

Zur’s network advances technical education and develops the students' individual and social skills so that they can acquire a vocation and build a professional future. The curriculum includes both practical and theoretical studies while imparting social, cultural and environmental values.

Our  educational ideology is based on the development of individual abilities - fostering self-confidence, leadership skills, and citizenship. The network trains youth so that they may have a more meaningful experience when they begin their army service.

*The network is primarily for students living in the Negev and the Galilee.