Stef Wertheimer  founded Zur Lavon and the Zur Lavon Training Center, situated in Mitzpe Lavon, adjacent to Carmiel.His vision is and has always been to combine education and industry as a basis for settling and developing the Galilee.Stef established a leading Israeli industry--precision tool-making-- that provides employment for the region's residents.

Zur Network of High Schools Industrialist Stef Wertheimer, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, founded this network of vocational high schools.
The preparatory courses provide advanced training for experienced employees at the ISCAR factories. In these courses, they learn o operate some of the most advanced machinery in use today.
The school for Meisters operates in cooperation with the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Kammer in Germany. The Meister is the most senior vocational classification in the applied production field and is granted exclusively by the Kammer.
After several decades of decline of technical education in its high schools, Israel is now experiencing a welcome renewal of this type of education. However, the field now lacks talented teachers, both for classroom teaching and especially for hands-on training.
Training course in conjunction with the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Zur Shalem Mechina – is situated in a dormitory in Lavon in the Galilee and offers a ten-month preparatory course for combat service
The ISCAR Group is the flagship of industry in Israel and is the second largest producer of precision cutting tools in the world. Since 2000, ISCAR’s Teaching and Training Center has been located at Zur Lavon.
Stef Wertheimer launched this experimental project that combines education with Israeli industry. To make the vision a reality, both training courses and a factory were needed.